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Set Up a New Case Docket Mailing List

CaseDocket.Com is a free distribution system for service of bankruptcy court pleadings by ordinary e-mail.  You send one e-mail message to one e-mail address and that message is automatically redistributed to everyone subscribed to your Case Docket mailing list. CaseDocket.Com maintains a Web-based archive of all materials distributed via a CaseDocket.Com mailing list.

If you serve as a Debtor's lead counsel in an on-going bankruptcy case and want to set-up a free Case Docket mailing list, contact Christopher Beard at chris@casedocket.com or 301/951-6400.  As Debtor's counsel, you decide what gets distributed and who is allowed to distribute material.  You will receive a private password that allows you to control who posts material to the list.  You decide who gets that password.